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Lequan Coleman better known as ILDH (I Love Da Hustle) Quag, is a producer, song-writer, and rap artist born September 20, 1991 in Florence South Carolina. Coming from a musical background, his first exposure to the music industry was by way of family. His Uncle and Cousins formed a group called ‘Camp Squad’ in the early 2000s, helping mold and shape his love for music. 


             ***MOLDING AN ARTIST***


Though his early years proved tough, giving him lots of content to cultivate his craft with, he hadn’t yet experienced the breakthrough he needed to create his best work. Lacking originality and true sustenance, often times repeating themes and ideals were common in his early works. 


Moving into the early 2000s, life began to really take form and give him the experiences needed to create his best work. From depression, to guns and fighting, with a constant flow of bad news and bad behavior, he was headed down a dark path with no end. He began to find his voice amongst all of the noise life had gifted him, creating his Alter-ego and artist handle, ILDH-QUAG. 




Finding his voice and artist handle was one thing, but turning it into something that could sustain itself in the future was his true goal. Wishing to continue in the growth of the ‘Hustle’ brand, the I.L.D.H or ‘I LOVE DA HUSTLE’ clothing line was born. Thinking about how to take something that is a want, and turn it into a need, he created designs that would surely secure his place in this industry as a young creative.


          ***USING YOUR COMPASS***


Making a significant shift in his life’s path, a way out was not easy, but it surely proved itself to be possible for this young mogul. 


Today, when not creating hits or designs, this creative holds many hats. From award winning barber, to mentor and Airman, this young creative can be seen as nothing short of the ULTIMATE HUSTLER.